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Perception vs Reality: the Adoption of Open Innovation in European Companies

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Authors: Podmetina Daria, Teplov Roman, Dabrowska Justyna, Albats Ekaterina
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: Academy of Management annual meeting proceedings
Title of parent publication: Proceedings of The 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
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Since 2003, certain perception of open innovation has already managed to emerge both in academia and in business society despite the ongoing debates on the essence of the concept. In response to criticism of open innovation and continuing discussions in the academic literature on what open innovation actually is, by this study we examine whether there is any gap in understanding open innovation between academia and business (practitioners). Moreover, we investigate were exactly it lies. To undertake this research we use the data of the survey on open innovation conducted in 2014-2015 among 254 managers representing companies operating in Europe. Using logistic regression, we analyze the impact of the set of innovation activities (acknowledged by academia as open innovation) on the probability of firms to identify themselves as open innovation adopters. Our results prove that a gap between companies' self-perception and actual open innovation adoption exists, and show that only three activities admitted by scholars as open actually effect companies self-reported status of open innovation adoption. We found that companies do not perceive commercialization of unused technologies as open innovation (practice/activity) and other nine activities being open according to academia do not yet determine the general open innovation adoption.

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