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Consumer Buying Behaviour of Future Digital Consumers - Evidence from Three Countries

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Authors: Pätäri Satu, Pekkanen Tiia-Lotta, Albareda Laura, Jantunen Ari
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Title of parent publication: International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business (ICSR 2016)
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The development of green or ethical consumerism among the end-users is expected to change the consumer behaviour. The ethical consumerism refers to value-based buying behaviour, which decreases the total consumption and directs consumption towards products from such companies that base their business on ecologically and socially sustainable practices (Sobczak et al., 2006). The amount of ethical consumers is marginal at the moment, but the global trends in the business environment are likely to increase the significance of value-based consumption (Straughan & Roberts, 1999). It is important to understand how new digital generations will adopt green and ethical consumerism. The consumers and their expectations are thus important elements in determining the possible futures of industries. The paper at hand, hence, advances the question of the characteristics of a consumer that looks for sustainability and corporate social responsibility -related information when making purchasing choices. In addition to providing information on the kinds of people that the sustainability information is likely to reach, the other side of the coin appears as interesting: what kind of people would need to be reached by other means in order to make their consumption more sustainable. We draw from consumer surveys that was carried out in Finland, Hong Kong and Spain in several universities. In sum, the results show that values differ between the studied nationalities, but when modelling how values affect the proresponsibility behaviour, the effect of nationality vanishes.

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