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Meaningfully Happy at Work - Pleasure and Purpose in Action

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Authors: Martikainen Suvi-Jonna, Oikarinen Tuija
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Title of parent publication: Leading Passion: Motivation and Work in the Post-Industrial Era Research Conference Proceedings
Start page: 26
End page: 40
ISBN: 978-952-6619-93-4
ISSN: 2342-2939
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In the modern work life meaningfulness might be the most important dimension to sustainable, not only longer but also to good-quality, working careers. Experiencing work as meaningful can have great influences not only the individuals doing the work but also on deeper societal problems - meaningfulness of work can quite often be understood as working for some greater good. Understanding intrinsic motivation leads to understanding meaningfulness of work.At the same time economical scarcity demands organizations to renew and creates feelings of uncertainty among staff. Well-being at work is under a stress in this kind of environment. In scarce, stressful, hectic and sometimes competitive working environment the experiences and feelings of meaningfulness are easily obscured. However quality, well-being and happiness at work could have significant impact also on the productivity of work.Paul Dolan introduces pleasure/purpose-principle in his book "Happiness by Design" (2014): to be truly happy people need to feel both pleasure and purpose (p. 10). In this paper we use the "pleasure/purpose -principle" to understand factors of meaningfulness, inner motivation and happiness at work. The paper considers peoples experiences of happiness at work examined through the principle. The data is gathered in several occasions, mainly in the workshops organized in "Sitä saat mitä jaat" ("You gain what you share") -project's workshops. The project will take place in 2015 - 2017 and it aims to develop and understand well-being and productivity at work for example through gaining awareness of meaningfulness of work and creating spaces to share the experiences in dialogue among employees. Seven units from social and health care in City of Lahti will participate in workshops.The paper discusses for example of the questions what kind of things bring pleasure to work? What creates experience of purpose? The data will also be examined through Schwartz´s basic value approach. What kind of values can be recognized behind the factors of pleasure and purpose at work? Also methods used to facilitate awareness used in the project are presented.

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