G2 Master’s thesis, polytechnic Master’s thesis

High-Speed Solid-Rotor Induction Machine – Calculation Program

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Authors: Uzhegov Nikita
Publication year: 2012
Language: English
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The aim of this thesis is to utilize the technology developed at LUT and to provide an easy tool for high-speed solid-rotor induction machine preliminary design. Computer aided design tool MathCAD has been chosen as the environment for realizing the calculation program. Four versions of the design program have been made depending on the motor rotor type.
The first rotor type is an axially slitted solid-rotor with steel end rings. The next one is an axially slitted solid-rotor with copper end rings. The third machine type is a solid rotor with deep, rectangular copper bars and end rings (squirrel cage). And the last one is a solid-rotor with round copper bars and end rings (squirrel cage). Each type of rotor has its own specialties but a general thread of design is common.
This paper follows the structure of the calculating program and explains some features and formulas. The attention is concentrated on the difference between laminated and solid-rotor machine design principles. There is no deep analysis of the calculation ways are presented. References for all solution methods appearing during the design procedure are given for more detailed studying.
This thesis pays respect to the latest innovations in solid-rotor machines theory. Rotor ends' analytical calculation follows the latest knowledge in this field. Correction factor for adjusting the rotor impedance is implemented.
The purpose of the created design program is to calculate the preliminary dimensions of the machine according to initial data. Obtained results are not recommended for exact machine development. Further more detailed design should be done in a finite elementmethod application. Hence, this thesis is a practical tool for the prior evaluating of the high-speed machine with different solid-rotor types parameters.

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