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Измерение ёмкости конденсаторов c жидкокристаллическим электролитом на основе лаурата калия с наночастицами серебра (Capacitance measurement of the capacitors with liquid-crystal electrolyte based on potassium laurate with silver nanoparticles)

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Authors: Geydt P. V., Kuzmin A. V., Matveeva A. G., Yurtov E. V., Tyanginskii A. Yu., Sleptsov V. V.
Publication year: 2012
Language: Russian
Related Journal or Series Information: Journal Advances in Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Volume number: XXVI
Issue number: 7
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
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The electric double-layer capacitor cells with liquid crystal electrolyte of potassium laurate were investigated. The silver nanoparticles put into the liquid layer increased the measured capacitance. This experiment confirmed that discharge characteristics evaluates with growing concentration of Ag nanoparticles.

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