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Optimization of DSM from perspective of different stakeholders

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Authors: Valtonen Petri, Tuunanen Jussi, Tikka Ville, Honkapuro Samuli, Belonogova Nadezda, Kaipia Tero
Publisher: SGEM (Smart Grid and Energy Markets)
Publication year: 2014
Language: English
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In future smart grid environment electricity end-users have an increasingly important role as part of electricity market. Increasing amount of DER (Distributed energy resources) including controllable loads, distributed generation, energy storages and other such DR resources in customer interfaces can enable more flexible operation of market players and efficient use of power system. For instance, the rechargeable batteries of electric vehicles function as local energy storages and the load equipment are controlled based on versatile information without adverse effects.

This study has to main focuses; (1) develop the control algorithms, which enable optimal use of DR resources, and (2) illustrate the optimization of the DSM from the perspectives of different stakeholders. First mentioned issue is technical oriented viewpoint to problem, and it is studied as a part of the task 4.4 in SGEM program. Second issue, again, has market perspective, and thus, is studied in the task 7.1 of the SGEM program.

Introduction to the topic can be found on previous SGEM-report Functional Objectives and a Technical Realization of Interactive Customer gateway (INCA) (Valtonen 2013). The previous SGEM report introduces the objectives for developing optimization algorithms which considers electricity markets, end-users and distribution networks perspectives, and provides a base for further development optimization model and algorithms, which is the objective of this report.

The topic of this report is approached trough objectives determined in former SGEM report (Valtonen 2013) with the addition of Transmission System Operator's (TSO) perspective. Stakeholders' objectives in the load control are discussed and, based on those, the algorithm for optimization of the DR is formulated. As a proof-of-concept, load control is tested in the laboratory pilot, where this algorithm is applied in the charging of an EV.

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