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Removing fiber components for value creation in paper and paperboard packaging

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Authors: Saukkonen Esa, Backfolk Kaj
Publication year: 2013
Language: English
Title of parent publication: The Finnish Forest Based Bioeconomy - What do universities have for the future
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In this paper, the removal of fiber components for paper and paperboard value upgrading is discussed. More precisely, the role of hemicelluloses is reviewed with particular emphasis on the fiber modification process and the efficient use of materials. Three alternative methods to partially remove hemicelluloses from wood material were studied. The hemicelluloses were extracted with (1) prehydrolysis process prior to kraft pulping from softwood chips, (2) by alkaline extraction from bleached kraft pulp, and (3) by enzymatic treatment of bleached birch kraft pulp. Characterization of the properties of the pulps revealed differences in both physical and chemical character of the fibers between the investigated up-scalable hemicellulose extraction processes. These results emphasize the importance of hemicellulose extraction method in providing new solutions to creating functional fibers and in providing a valuable hemicellulose side stream. In addition, selective modification of the carbohydrate composition of the pulp fibers could give additional benefits to both existing and novel paper and paperboard packaging products.

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