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Utilization of Software-Defined Radio in Power Line Communication between Motor and Frequency Converter

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Authors: Pinomaa Antti, Baumgartner Hans, Ahola Jero, Kosonen Antti
Publication year: 2010
Language: English
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In this paper, a power line data transmission linkbased on Software-Defined Radio (GNU Radio) for motor cablecommunication between an electrical motor and a frequencyconverter is developed and tested. The test environment includesa frequency converter, an electrical motor (2.2 kW), and a 90-meter-long motor power cable. Two differential phase shiftkeying (DPSK) modulations, DBPSK and DQPSK, are used andtheir performance is compared with and without forward errorcorrection (FEC). Experiments prove that GNU Radio withUSRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) is a competentplatform to be used as a testing and developing power linecommunication applications.

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