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Business models in context: Entrepreneurs (Re)modelling their business towards an international venture

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Authors: Asemokha Agnes, Korhonen Satu
Publication year: 2021
Language: English
Title of parent publication: Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) Conference 2021
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the importance of entrepreneurs' (individual) role in birthing the core firm-level
processes that shape the early phases of a venture, they have been
unprecedented in the business model discourse. Correspondingly, there is a
dearth of studies contextualizing how entrepreneurs create and change their
business models, especially in their firms' early internationalization and
pre-internationalization stages. This study bridges the gap in the literature between business models as
“isolated” and “un-contextualized” constructs in international
entrepreneurship. We further examine the entrepreneur’s role as the focal
sense-makers of their business and how their verdicts influence the
(re)configuration of their business models as they internationalize. Using a qualitative inquiry, we examine how entrepreneurs make sense of different
events, situations that are influencing the creation and exploitation of
international opportunities in terms of creating, capturing, and delivering
value. Our analytical approach of contextualizing the individual, the
different phases of changes in the business models, and their internationalization
journeys directed us to make a more nuanced sense of the different social,
temporal, spatial, market/industry, and organizational dimensions of context. This
approach allowed us to go
deeper into the entrepreneur-level reasoning in context, which determines the
internationalization of new ventures.

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