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Scale-up of Electrochemical Units for Mining Waters Treatment

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Authors: Mamelkina Maria, Tuunila Ritva, Häkkinen Antti
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Title of parent publication: Proceedings of thepostponed 14th IMWA Congress –“Mine Water Solutions”
Start page: 163
End page: 167
Number of pages: 5
ISBN: 978-3-00-067297-2
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
Open Access: Open Access publication


The mining industry is getting more attracted to developing water treatment technologies. The ease with which technology is brought from lab to industrial scale, along with minimizing the time consumption and costs, is influenced by several factors. Some of these depends on the reactor, removal mechanisms, volumes and operating conditions. While others are affected by external factors such as maximum size of the equipment, treatment costs of established or alternative technologies. Scale-up is mainly employed to see if the technology meets the market requirements and expectations. This study focuses on transferring an electrocoagulation process from lab scale to pilot plant.

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