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On the Issue of Comparisons with Reference Fuzzy Numbers - a Graphical Method to Guide the Choice of a Suitable Method in Managerial Decision-making

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Authors: Talášek Tomáš, Stoklasa Jan
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: International conference mathematical methods in economics
Title of parent publication: 38th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics MME2020 Conference Proceedings
Journal acronym: MME
Start page: 579
End page: 584
Number of pages: 6
ISBN: 978-80-7509-734-7
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
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This paper proposes a mathematical method for
the analysis ofthe be- havior of similarity measures of fuzzy numbers in
the task of comparing a fuzzy output ofa mathematical model with a
reference fuzzy number. It is based on the visualisation ofthe set ofall
fuzzy numbers similar with the reference fuzzy num- ber. This approach
provides the user with the information concerning the whole set of
objects that are considered equally similar to the reference object on
the given level of similarity. This novel approach allows the used to
see howcompact or diverse the set of "equally similar" objects is. It
thus allows the user to see how reasonable it might be to rely on the
given similarity measure of fuzzy numbers in the given application
problem. The proposed method is intended for laymen users of fuzzy
model, while providing valuable insights for the designers of these
models as well. The selection of appropriate similarity measure can be
benefi cial in a wide set of practical problems using models that
provide fuzzy outputs, ranging from evaluation tasks through the
ordering of alternatives (managerial decision-making) to fuzzy

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