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Working-life-integrated engineering curriculum design and enhancing thesis process

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Authors: Virkki-Hatakka Terhi, MIelonen Katriina, Ikävalko Markku, Kerkkänen Kimmo, Eskelinen Harri
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Title of parent publication: ENGAGING ENGINEERING EDUCATION, SEFI 48th annual conference proceedings
Start page: 1157
End page: 1169
Number of pages: 13
ISBN: 978-2-87352-020-5
JUFO-Level of this publication: 1
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Working life, and the expertise it requires, is undergoing a rapid change. For this reason, it is particularly important for universities to focus on future working life skills and competences needed in a variety of work roles and working environments. The student's expertise in his / her field develops throughout the course of his / her studies. In the thesis phase, a student should already be able to utilize and demonstrate the expertise to a certain extent.
This study presents a work-integrated curriculum model designed for engineering education. Within the identified drivers that guide the curriculum work in the technical fields, a model that considers the perspectives of corporate cooperation and business knowledge, was constructed and piloted. The model also provides a more flexible integration of future development trends into the education.
In order to make the thesis process more efficient, a virtual environment for the internship and thesis exchange was planned. It approaches the development of expertise in such a way that the university does not define the knowledge goals, but students are guided to do it themselves. This also includes interactivity: although the thesis always has certain limitations, it is not removed from its context and environment, but defines what is expected of the author. The platform has been piloted in the Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s thesis process at LUT university, and the results will be discussed in this paper.

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