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Cost Analysis of Forest Chips Transportation with Biomass Blowing Container Truck

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Authors: KC Raghu, Föhr Jarno, Ranta Tapio
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: European Biomass Conference And Exhibition
Title of parent publication: European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
Start page: 355
End page: 356
Number of pages: 2
eISBN: 978-88-89407-20-2
eISSN: 2282-5819
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Many countries including Finland have pledged to eliminate fossil fuels from the energy system in order to achieve carbon neutrality in the next few decades. However, eliminating fossil oil from the heating sector in the rural area of Finland is considered challenging due to them being decentralized geographically and the price of oil being cheap for some time. Forest biomass is considered to be a contender to replace fossil oil from the heating sector but the dwelling that have oil heating systems have no existing supply chain for small-scale biomass delivery. This research will explore the supply chain of biomass on a small scale using a 40m3 container truck that has pneumatic blowing system attached. This system will eliminate the ground handling, will be suitable for the narrow space and customer with small storage space. In this research, the biomass supply chain cost on this container truck of will be analyzed. In addition, cost variation based on the raw material, supply chain alternatives and geographical biomass availability in the South-Savo region of Finland will also be assessed.

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