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A heat-flux sensor - US 20200217728A1 patent application

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Authors: Kuisma Mikko, Immonen Antti, Levikari Saku
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
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A heat-flux sensor includes first and second pieces made of different materials and arranged to constitute a contact junction for generating electromotive force in response to a temperature difference between the first and second pieces. The heat-flux sensor includes a first electric conductor connected to the first piece and a second electric conductor connected to the second piece so that the electromotive force is detectable from between ends of the first and second electric conductors. The mass and the heat capacity of the second piece are significantly greater than those of the first piece so that a heat-flux across the contact junction causes a temperature difference between the first and second pieces but no significant temperature change in the second piece. Thus, the electromotive force caused by the temperature difference is indicative of the heat-flux.

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