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Perceptions of Home-country Institutions, Decision-making Logics, and International Performance of SMEs

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Authors: Laine Igor, Torkkeli Lasse, Galkina Tamara, Rygh Asmund
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Title of parent publication: 45th EIBA Annual Conference 2019
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international performance is subject to numerous factors among them, external institutional forces at the macro level and internal decision making at the micro-level have been recognized as critical factors.
Although the roles of the institutional environment and decision making have been widely studied in both international business and entrepreneurship, there is still a lot of unchartered terrain within each stream of research and moreover as these two streams developed apart from each other, the gap at the intersection remains surprisingly unaddressed. Despite substantial advances in both research areas, the understanding of how the institutional forces at the macro level are enacted by the micro-level decision making logic of entrepreneurs is still limited In particular, a better understanding is needed of how entrepreneurs perceive the home country institutional support available for their international entrepreneurial activities, given that such perceptions are likely to have important implications for the decisions made. To address those gaps, this paper aims to theoretically and empirically examine how perceptions of the home country institutional environment relate to the use of different decision-making logics, and how these together affect the international performance of SMEs.

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