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Production, Quality Control and Performance of VFAT3 Front-end Hybrids for the CMS GE1/1 Upgrade

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Authors: Irshad Aamir, Aspell Paul, Garcia Luis Felipe Ramirez, De Lentdecker Mohsin Hayat, Gilles, Licciulli Francesco, Mastrapasqua Paola, Petrow Henri, Robert Frederic, Tuuva Tuure, De Robertis Giuseppe, CMS Collaboration
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: POS Proceedings of Science
eISSN: 1824-8039
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The CMS experiment is planning to install Gaseous Electron Multiplier (GEM) chambers as part of the Muon upgrade for High Luminosity Operation at the LHC. The front-end ASIC (VFAT3) has been produced in volume together with its hybrid PCB. This paper describes the design of acusto m test bench for the production Quality Control (QC) of the VFAT3 hybrids. The full QC procedure incorporates calibration and performance measurements, database entries and statisti cal data analysis. The paper details the firmware and software functions to achieve the test time per hybrid to 2 minutes. The test system produced an overall 89% production yield including the wafer dicing and hybrid assembly losses.

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