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Adaptive finite integral non-singular terminal synergetic control of nth-order nonlinear systems

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Authors: Mohammadi Asl Reza, Shabbouei Hagh Yashar, Anavatti Sreenatha, Handroos Heikki
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2020
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
Volume number: 142
ISSN: 0888-3270
eISSN: 1096-1216
JUFO-Level of this publication: 3
Open Access: Open Access publication
Location of the parallel saved publication: http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi-fe202003198560


This paper proposed a novel finite synergetic control scheme. This controller utilizes an integral non-singular terminal attractor technique that guarantees the finite-time convergence of the states, solves the singularity problem of a conventional terminal attractor manifold, and provides a chattering-free control signal. The principles of this controller are introduced and demonstrated for second and nth-order nonlinear systems. The stability of the controller is verified using Lyapunov stability theory. In addition, an interval type-2 fuzzy logic system is implemented to improve the overall performance of the controller. Analysis of a robotic manipulator and a servo-hydraulic actuator is used to illustrate the efficacy of the proposed Adaptive Finite Integral Non-singular Terminal Synergetic Control (AFINTSC).

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