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Dynamic electromagnonic crystal based on artificial multiferroic heterostructure

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Authors: Ustinov A., Drozdovskii A., Nikitin A., Semenov A., Bozhko D., Serga A., Hillebrands B., Lähderanta E., Kalinikos B.
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: Communications Physics
Journal name in source: Communications Physics
Volume number: 2
eISSN: 2399-3650
JUFO-Level of this publication: 1
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One of the main challenges for the modern magnonics, which, as opposed to the conventional electronics, operates with quanta of spin waves in magnetically ordered materials—magnons—is energy efficient control of magnon transport on small time and space scales. The magnon propagation in a time-dependent periodic spatial potentials—dynamic magnonic crystals—paves a way to this aim. To date, dynamic manipulation of the magnonic crystals has been realized with electric current and optic control influence. However, both approaches show limited potential for reduction in energy consumption and miniaturization of magnonic circuits. Voltage (or electric field) control of magnon currents promises to be fast and low energy consuming. It can be achieved in ferrite-ferroelectric (multiferroic) heterostructures, where strong coupling of magnons and microwave photons constitutes new quasiparticles called electromagnons. Here, we present an experimental realization of a voltage-controlled dynamic electromagnonic crystal operating with electromagnons at microwave frequencies.

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