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Impact of Recycling on Criticality of Raw Materials

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Authors: Rahimpour Golroudbary Saeed, Kraslawski Andrzej
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
Title of parent publication: 5th International Conference on Sustainable Chemical Product and Process Engineering (SCPPE)
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
Open Access: Not an Open Access publication


Recycling among other strategies such as securing resources, development of
deep-sea bottom resources, stockpiling and development of alternative materials is
one of the most important measures to mitigate the criticality of raw materials.
Moreover, there has been a growing increase in the recovery of critical raw materials
as part of circular economy strategy since 2015, placing the emphasis on recycling
and reuse with a view to “closing the loop” of product lifecycles.
The main objective of this paper is to quantify the impact of recycling on criticality
of different raw materials in a long-term perspective. In this paper, we consider the
definition of criticality from three perspectives including supply (e.g., supply risk),
demand (e.g., vulnerability to supply restriction) and environmental concern (e.g.,
energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions). Also, we define potential of
recycling of a critical raw material as the annual total available amount of material from
waste (end of life products containing critical material) per total amount of demand for
material yearly.
Due to the dynamic of material flows and continuous change of criticality of
materials over time, we use system dynamics methodology to model the system. The
analysis classifies different critical materials in four main categories at a global scale.
Those categories include low impact of recycling and low criticality level, low impact
of recycling and high criticality level, high impact of recycling and low criticality level,
and high impact of recycling and high criticality level. The expected results of the model
answer the question that for what type of critical raw materials, recycling is effective.

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