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Tools for reactor evaluation in bioprocesses

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Authors: Tervasmäki Petri, Gradov Dmitry, Latva-Kokko Marko, Koiranen Tuomas, Tanskanen Juha
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Title of parent publication: Book of Proceedings of STEPsCON 2018
Start page: 43
End page: 56
Number of pages: 14
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Aerobic microbial cultivations are industrially important group of processes and pose challenges for the reactor design. In particular, estimation of industrial scale conditions is difficult from laboratory and pilot scale data. Due to complex interaction of gas/liquid phase hydrodynamics, mass transfer parameters and microbial metabolism, both improvement of modelling tools and reactor design are desired. We present an approach to estimate growth conditions in industrial scale reactor by combining black-box metabolic models with CFD-model.
The reactor type used here is Outotec OKTOP9000®, which is used in the industrial hydrometallurgical processes at 900 m3 scale. It is adopted to a laboratory setting and compared to stirred tank reactor (STR) in gas dispersion, mass transfer and yeast cultivation experiments. In addition, a kinetic model for the yeast growth is developed based on literature sources and validated by the laboratory scale batch cultivations. This kinetic model is used along with CFD-model that is developed to describe the flow and mass transfer conditions in the industrial scale reactor.
The laboratory scale experiments show the feasibility of OKTOP9000® reactor when compared to STR, particularly with improved gas handling capacity. The modelling approach shows qualitatively similar behavior in the large scale simulations when compared to laboratory scale cultivations.

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