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On the distortion and warping of cantilever beam with hollow section (IIW-Doc. XV-1606-19)

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Authors: Björk Timo, Ahola Antti, Skriko Tuomas
Publishing place: International Institute of Welding
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
Open Access: Not an Open Access publication


This paper deals with the stress analysis of a cantilever box beam subjected to fluctuating torsional moment loading. Such beams may have multiple critical locations from the strength point-of-view: first interesting detail is the cross section, where the loading is imposed. However, typically this detail can be designed to possess smooth shapes resulting in moderate stress concentrations and thus, fatigue failures can be avoided. However, distortional deformation of the cross section induces transverse bending stresses, which may be detrimental particularly in welded box beams. In addition, the fixing location, where the beam is typically welded to an end plate, may become a critical point. In this paper, an analytical approach to calculate the longitudinal stresses due to the warping of the cross section, and distortion-induced transverse and longitudinal stresses in rectangular hollow sections, is presented. Finite element analyses (FEAs) are carried out to verify the analytical approach, to shed light on the critical points in the end plate details with different degree of weld penetration using effective notch stress (ENS) concept, and to suggest design proposals for an efficient structural detailing of diaphragm plates to decrease the warping behavior.

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