Right job or not? – The roles of organizational engagement, support and virtual community trust

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Authors: Toth Ilona, Sintonen Sanna, Vanhala Mika, Olkkonen Laura
Publication year: 2019
Language: English
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the
impact of organizational support (OS) and virtual community trust (VCT) on
organizational engagement (OE) and person-job-fit (PJF) in virtual temporary work
relationships. The emergence of the platform economy has changed the work
environment fundamentally and enabled the increase of new ways of organizing
work, such as temporary organizing and the increase of self-employment. Consequently,
we need to reinvestigate the predictors of employee commitment and well-being
in this new context of work.


We propose a theoretical model on the
relationship between OS, VCT and OE as predictors of PJF. Our model draws
support from social exchange theory (Cropanzano & Mitchell 2005) and the
model of antecedents and consequences of organizational engagement (Saks 2006).


Based on our data of 128 experts contracting on
digital platforms, VCT has a strong positive effect on OE, and both VCT and OE
have a positive effect on PJF. However, the role of OS in these atypical work
relationships was found to be non-significant.


The data itself is rather limited although it
provides interesting insights for future research.


Through identifying the antecedents of employee commitment
and well-being in virtual platform work, it is possible to increase our
understanding of how to enhance the working climate in atypical work


This paper provides new insight and empirical
evidence to the significance of trust as a source of positive work behavior and
as a source of organizational engagement in virtual temporary work

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