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Business Model Experimentation with Internationalizing SME’s: Evidence from Finland

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Authors: Rissanen Tommi, Asemokha, Agnes, Torkkeli Lasse, Saarenketo, Sami
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
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Business model
experimentation is an increasingly popular research topic in business model literature.
There are few studies analysing business model experimentation in the context
of internationalizing SME’s, however. The objective of this paper is to
identify different ways of conducting business model experimentation in
internationalizing SME’s. We approach the problem by looking at experimentation
with international business models of 12 Finnish SMEs. We studied the
companies’ business model experimentation from three viewpoints: (1) innovation
and change; (2) entrepreneurial aspirations; and (3) internationalization and growth.
As a result, we found four different approaches to experimenting with
international business models. The upstart startups are making pivots to find a
sustainable business model in the home market to replicate that in the
international markets. The lean global startups are technology-oriented
born-global companies building their business in the lean startup manner, and
cautious late-bloomers have found success in their home market and have built a
new venture for internationalizing to experiment with new business models while
protecting their existing business. Seasoned buccaneers are born global
startups that have been able to radically change their business model to find
international growth. For practitioners the study opens up different approaches
to experimenting with international business models. For academics the research
combines different research streams for further investigation.

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