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Introducing Lean into Maintenance Data Management: A Decision Making Approach

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Authors: Marttonen-Arola Salla, Baglee David, Kinnunen Sini-Kaisu, Holgado Maria
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
JUFO level of this publication: 0
Open Access: Not an Open Access publication


The amount of different data available for maintenance
decision makers is extensive. However, in practice most companies are not
exploiting the data in the best possible way but are wasting their resources in
sub-optimal data management processes. This paper reviews the current
literature on exploiting data in maintenance decision making and analyses how
the principles of lean management could contribute to the issue of wasted
resources. The objective of the paper is to create a literature-based
framework, which will be used as the starting point for empirical research and
value modelling in the later stages of the study. The presented framework
highlights the role of data in maintenance management decision-making
situations, and suggests how the principles of lean management could be adopted
in the process of managing maintenance data to improve its value and resource
efficiency. The results of this paper will contribute to future research which
will include modelling and optimizing the use of data in maintenance decision

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