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Demand Control Management in Microgrids: The Impact of Different Policies and Communication Network Topologies

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Authors: Kühnlenz Florian, Nardelli Pedro H. J., Alves Hirley
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Related Journal or Series Information: IEEE Systems Journal
Start page: 1
End page: 8
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 1932-8184
eISSN: 1937-9234
JUFO-Level of this publication: 1
Open Access: Open Access publication
Location of the parallel saved publication: https://arxiv.org/abs/1608.01430


This paper studies how the communication network between proactive
consumers affects the power utilization and fairness in a simplified
direct-current microgrid model, composed of three coupled layers:
physical (an electric circuit that represents a microgrid),
communication (a peer-to-peer network within the microgrid), and
regulatory (individual decision strategies). Our results show that, for
optimal power utilization and fairness, a global knowledge about the
system is needed, demonstrating the importance of a microgrid aggregator
to inform about the power consumption for different time periods.

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