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Applicability assessment of gas-liquid contactors to the fermentation processes

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Authors: Han Mei, Vladimirovich Gradov Dmitry, Bogatenko Daria, Tervasmäki Petri, Laari Arto, Koiranen Tuomas
Publication year: 2017
Language: English
Title of parent publication: 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering
JUFO-Level of this publication: 0
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Microbial fermentation is a promising technology and it is potentially applicable for processing of industrial gases containing CO, CO2 and H2 . In these so-called gas fermentations, the carbon and energy sources for bacteria are supplied from the gas phase, and gas-liquid mass transfer is the rate-limiting parameter in this case. Bubble column and stirred reactors of various configurations are used in fermentation processes. In this research, several reactors of laboratory scale (10 – 15 L) are studied such as bubble column, baffled stirred tanks equipped with multiple Rushton turbine, draft tube reactor OKTOP®9000 with novel impeller OKTOP2300 designed by Outotec company. Mass transfer, gas hold-up, power draw are measured experimentally over the range of mixing speeds and gas flow rates. The agitated draft tube results are compared with agitated tanks and with air-lift reactors. Empirical correlations available in research studies published up-to-date are used for experimental results verification. The utilization of small-scale experiments for scale-up is discussed. The mass transfer and gas hold-up correlations for OKTOP-reactor is presented.

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