Research project

Fleet based Industrial Data Symbiosis (sub-project P3 of S4Fleet, Service Solutions for Fleet Management program) (S4Fleet)

Principal Investigator

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Project Details
Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 31/12/2017


Global fleet based industrial services are the future for many Finnish technology companies and thus for the whole Finnish export industry. These services are information intensive and while there are similarities between the consumer and industrial services, it is evident that the requirements for technology robustness and information accuracy, reliability and quality are significantly higher in business critical fleet services than in the consumer sector. The demand for locally customized global services increase service operation complexity and risk the service efficiency. To overcome this dilemma and to realize all the industrial service based strategies and visions require significant performance change in the enabling business process automation and information management technologies. The Fleet based industrial data symbiosis project focuses on this complex area of the critical enabling technologies and drives research that enables the vision of global fleet based service business. The project creates unique value by novel data symbiosis technologies reorganizing the value network around the fleet. Novel solutions are created in data gathering, sharing, combining, upgrading, and evolution to shared information critical for value-based services. The project contributes to the designing of technological solutions and concepts for new type of fleet and network level optimization with systems engineering approach. The emerging technology revolution, known as industrial Internet, is an integral part of the project research and an intelligent platform concept for the Industrial Internet is created. The project targets are ambitious, but at the same time critical enablers for the future of Finnish industry. Finland will lead the way of modern information based fleet technology and management in value networks.

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