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Menestyvät suomalaiset asiakasviisaat organisaatiot (Mensa) - asiakasarvon johtaminen ja mittaaminen digitaalisen ajan liiketoimintamalleissa (Digimensa)

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Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 30/04/2018



Managing and measuring customer value in digitalized business environment

Business digitalization is becoming an increasingly important part of Finland's global competitiveness. Then, customer value consists of different factors than in traditional business. Companies need to have customer wisdom - they must be aware of what the customer´s world looks like, and recognize the essential value elements and react to them. Companies´ management and measurement systems are still very traditional and do not take into account the special features of digital business environment, and its challenges and opportunities of delivering value to the customer.

The project will produce new knowledge about how to increase customer wisdom in digital business environment. The study combines the customer perspective and the service provider perspective in a new way, because earlier the topic has been studied mainly from one point of view. One key observation is that the value is created together with the customer, in which case the interface between the organization and the customer is the key, whether it is physical, virtual, or mental. Companies think they have customer wisdom, but do they? To which extent the customer wishes to participate in the value creation, such as innovation activities? How can an organization manage and measure their own customer wisdom?

Lisätietoja: Juhani Ukko,, 0404877047

digitalization, digital services, value creation, customer value, performance management, performance measurement

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