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BisnesPotku - Valmentavalla ja fasilitoivalla yritteliäisyyden johtamisella uutta potkua bisnekseen (BisnesPotku)

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Start date: 01/04/2015
End date: 31/12/2016


Nowadays uncertainty is prevailing in most fields of business. Fluctuating uncertainty is highly reflected by fast development cycles of new and disruptive technologies and high variability of towards demand of products and services - at the same time global competition is more furious than ever. In an insecure environment, where goals may be blurred, it is not easy to say what kind of management is needed. This calls for a novel kind of leadership. When uncertain, organizations and people are programmed to avoid risks though it is essential in creating new things. This means suppressing and discouraging radical ideas. Fear of failure erodes Eureka-like inspiration to see and do things in a novel way. The leading idea of Business Kick research is to encourage organizations and the people in their network to entrepreneurial behavior, thus enhancing renewal in businesses. An inspiration, dynamic actions and courage to let customers try out new ideas are called for. To achieve this, human-centered managerial and organizational innovations are needed. Through coaching and inspiring leadership, effectuation, experimental innovation, inner motivation and entrepreneurial identity ideologies the leading ideas of this research are supported and pushed forward. BusinessKick research seeks to answer the following questions: · What kind of human-centered management and leadership supports business transformation in an insecure environment? · How do disruptive managerial innovations, challenging the traditional mindsets, emerge in practice? The research project is carried by Lappeenranta University of Technology´s research team that consists of artist, humanist, entrepreneur, engineer and jacks of all trades. This enthusiastic team works with a diverse group of companies tuning e.g. new leadership practices, music festival, and ICT-based leadership system.

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