Research project

Agile co-creation practices for business development (Ketterät liiketoimintaa edistävät yhteiskehittämisen käytännöt) (AGILE)

Principal Investigator

Project Manager

Project Details
Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 31/12/2015




The approach of the LUT team is on value co-creation from a knowledge-based perspective and its focus is on the knowledge processes taking place in the interactions among firms and the development company in the context of a game developer firm cluster PLAYA and a supporting development firm Cursor Oy. The goal of the study is to model the interaction processes and to examine the antecedents and facilitators involved and their relationships with the produced outcomes to produce insights on effective practices for producing business value through agile collaboration practices.


AGILE LUT -team studies1) how value creating agile business and work practices are created in inter-organizational business-to business relationships within a company network supported by a development organization, and2) how the agility of such co-creation practices can be enhanced.

Expected Contribution

The project contributes to themes of the Liideri research call.The LUT research team contributes to a better understanding of agile practices by which company networks and business development organizations can co-create value. Furthermore, the study contributes to producing a training program to facilitate the development of such practices in further contexts.

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