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K2 Experientiality in digital purchase-decisions: Feelings and trust in business ambiance

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Start date: 01/09/2012
End date: 30/09/2014


Objectives LUT team will investigate the role of emotions in creation of trust in complex selling situations, characterized with information asymmetry and risk. In this sub-theme we will compare B2B and B2C sales situations where the customer uses both face to face and digital channels in information acquisition. The study focuses on technology-based B2B services' buying process phases, where the customer has already chosen a small number of suppliers, and evaluates the suitability of the selling company and the chosen service concerning their ability to generate customer value. Customer's perceived value can arise from the operational service elements, but also from the feelings arising from the service itself and feelings arising during the purchase process. The challenge for growing and still relatively unknown Finnish service suppliers, is to differentiate themselves from competitors positively, reduce the perceived risk of customers and build trust towards the service and supplier. In the sales processes of services and during the value creation, the emphasis is on intangible factors, and on the service supplier-customer interactions, as the characteristics of services are intangible, and "silent".

Strategic research areas: Impact of technologies, Business models, Services and service business

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