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Container logistical innovations (Konttilogistiikkainnovaatiot)

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Start date: 01/11/2012
End date: 30/06/2014




The need of biomass logistics is growing fast. One of the examples is the use of forest chips in Finland, which was a totally unused energy source in the beginning of the millennium. In 2010, 6.9 million cubic metres of forest chips were used in Finland, accounting for 3%, of the country's total energy use. The new target, for the end of 2020, has been set at 13.5 million cubic metres.

Due to need of biomass there will be an imbalance between the locations of demand and supply which means longer transport distances from the supply areas to the largest demand sites. This development will bring rail and waterway transport modes into supply logistics. Interchangeable containers have proved to be a promising option. Operations involving containers and transportation fleets can be separated, to increase the efficiency of logistics, with a short waiting time for transport and a fast operation cycle.

Light weight containers can be developed and reached larger payload capacity for transportation. One of the most promising examples is the innovation based on channel composite structure (Fibrocom, Supercont®). In addition to container innovation solutions, there are also business opportunities as logistical services, such as software developing, RFID-technology solutions, simulation consulting or container services and rental possibilities. The aim of the project is to study and develop services and products from research based on container logistics and prepare for the commercialization of the most potential business innovations.


The objectives of this project are: Create business from research Commercialization of the most potential business innovations Promote total service concept for intermodal container biomass logisticsInternationalize light weight container concept

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