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Success by means of energy efficiency and life cycle management, Menestystä energiatehokkuudella ja elinkaarihallinnalla.


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Start date: 01/09/2020
End date: 31/08/2022

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In the (near) future, energy efficiency and life cycle management will become the essential criteria for acquisition of products and services. There is a need for Finland, and especially for South Karelia, to be at the front line and top of this type of development. On the other hand, there are excellent preconditions in Finland for this, particularly in the field of metal and engineering industry, which has an important role in the national economy of Finland. Regarding this topic, more detailed information is presented in the appendix of this application.

In this research project, the sustainability theme will be launched to the energy efficiency and life cycle management of the products of local companies involved in this project and by means of these subjects, the aim is to improve the success of the companies in national and international markets. At first, a full account from the field is conducted and it comprises 14 metal and engineering industry companies operating in South Karelia. The companies represent different sectors, such as material fabrication and delivery, design, manufacturing and end using or services related to it, of the production chain acting in the whole ecosystem. The common issue for all these companies is to recognize the need for enhancing the energy efficiency and the procedures to achieve this.

Furthermore, the success requires also better life cycle management of the products. On the grounds of the above-mentioned account, half of the companies from the extensive group is chosen for the continuation project. In concert with this group, more detailed and focused practical operations are identified and determined in order to improve the energy efficiency and life cycle management of the products of the companies in question. At the same time, facilities for strengthening the local ecosystem, which includes the participant companies and also enterprises outside the project, are created.

As a result of the project, the companies have increased their knowledge in terms of the current state and the enhancement potential of the energy efficiency and life cycle management of their own products. Companies will have a concrete road map for putting the goals into practice by investing in their own know-how as well as utilizing mutual collaboration between industrial partners and services from the universities.

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