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PATE - Pakkaskonsentrointilaitteiden kehitys teollisiin elintarvikeprosesseihin sekä ympäristösovelluksiin
Development of freeze concentration facilities for industrial food processing and environmental applications


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Start date: 01/04/2020
End date: 31/03/2022

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New innovative technological solutions are needed in the production processes of food and natural products, as well as in the recovery of valuable substances contained in wastewaters. The aim of the project is to investigate and apply freeze concentration to reduce the water content of the products and thus to improve the product quality. The freeze concentration is based on the natural ability of water to crystallize into pure ice upon the freezing of an aqueous solution. When ice is removed, other substances (such as flavorings and bioactive compounds) remain unchanged in the stronger concentrate solution.

The project will develop freeze concentration facilities in collaboration with companies in food, natural product and wastewater industries operating in eastern and northern Finland. The northern location provides energy-efficient solutions because the cold climate can be utilized for cooling. The project combines the expertise of the Unit of Measurement Technology MITY of the University of Oulu in freeze concentration and the development of suitable analytical methods, as well as the freeze crystallization research of LUT University and test devices developed for water purification. The project will test the applicability of new scientifically researched methods to the different products of companies. The cost-effective production of high-quality products through freeze concentration maintains the competitiveness of companies in the region and supports the commercialization of new products and technology in international markets as well.

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