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LUTERGO - Liikkuvien työkoneiden käytettävyyden älykäs kehittämisympäristö
LUTERGO – Intelligent Usability Development Environment for Mobile Working Machines


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Start date: 01/09/2019
End date: 31/08/2021

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A novel intelligent experimental research environment for developing the usability of mobile working machines (such as forestry machines, agricultural tractors, excavators etc.) is developed. The environment combines real-time simulation based-on engineering research and development simulator and experimental system that measures real human body responses when driving the virtual prototypes. Based on the quantities measured from human the physical and mental stress levels can be evaluated by intelligent algorithms. By combining real-time simulated machine data and human body measurement data, the usability of every virtual prototype of machine will be assessed during R&D process. The required software and hardware to establish such joint laboratory between LUT ja Saimia is beeing purchased within an on-going investment project. The experimental environment will combine machine design with usability and work ergonomy research. Electrification and hybrid drives will significantly reduce emissions of the machines and in parallel they offer significant increase of productivity by making higher peak powers available. However, the increased capacity and faster motions may increase the physical and mental stress of the driver, that decreases productivity. So, in the future machinery it is beneficiary to design the machine itself and the usability in parallel. Traditionally the usability is studied with physical prototypes of the machines. Therefore, the usability is assessed after conceptual R&D phases. Qualitative data is collected from questionnairies. It is expensive to make modifications into the physical prototypes. On the other hand, it is difficult to convert the qualitative data into actual design parameters. Within LUTERGO LUT and Saimia develope a world scale unique experimental laboratory that combines intelligent quantified usability assessment and real-time virtual prototype based R&D of mobile machines.

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