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Hydrogen Utilization & Green Energy (HUGE)


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Start date: 01/06/2019
End date: 31/05/2022

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The Hydrogen Utilisation and Green Energy project (HUGE) aims to provide communities with energy security by delivering to them the necessary tools to assess the hydrogen renewable energy chain opportunities in the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) area and beyond.Whilst many communities in the NPA are challenged by low economic diversity, result of their peripheral locations, dispersed demography and lack of critical mass, they have abundant amounts of renewable energy resources available locally.On many occasions, where renewables are implemented, the generated electricity/heat is more than that
required by the local population. At the same time the electric grid infrastructure in many NPA areas is underdeveloped, resulting in the curtailment of green electricity production, and inefficient resource use as clean energy is left unharnessed. Similar situations are encountered by communities living off-grid where the mechanisms do not exist to harness the excess energy generated nor store it efficiently.HUGE aims to overcome these barriers by building capacity in communities, with the help of sectoral agencies and SME’s to exploit the abundance of natural resources to their full potential through raising awareness about the benefits that can be delivered by employing a hydrogen economy.HUGE will achieve this by assessing the
hydrogen renewable energy chain from production through storage to transportation and on to the and-user.We’ll accomplish it by identifying and assessing viable technical processes for hydrogen operations, creating a business model for hydrogen utilization and enabling effective knowledge transfer through an online, multilingual platform.The result is the operational HUGE Output Tool (HOT) service,created by direct interaction with the relevant end-users and stakeholders, and ready for them to
implement. Hydrogen is a flexible energy carrier, can be produced from any prevalent source and effectively transformed for diverse end-use applications.

Hydrogen economy; Renewable energy; Remote communities; Supply chain

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