Research project

An Integrated Intelligent Home Environment For The Provision Of Health, Nutrition And Mobility Services To The Elderly (MOBISERV)

Project Details
Start date: 01/12/2009
End date: 31/08/2013

European Commission


The objective of the MOBISERV project is to design and evaluate a system and service to support independent living of seniors by means of a proactive personal companion robot integrated with smart textiles, innovative sensors, and a smart home environment. The system monitors your physical activity and health indicators by means of wearable fabrics, monitors your nutrition habits by smart home sensors, and offers an extensive secure portal for informal and professional carers to use, setup, and fine-tune the support system. MOBISERV provides older adults with: 1) nutrition assistance and dehydration prevention by eating and drinking reminders and encouragements; 2) a personal health coach encouraging physical activity and specific exercises, and supporting telemedicine services; 3) well-being services for cognitive stimulation and social inclusion, responding to the user’s emotions; 4) games for entertainment 4) a mobile remote control for the home environment; 5) fall detection with direct communication to a care centre; and 6) video communication to friends and family.

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