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Artist-Led Learning in Higher Education (ALL)


Project Details
Start date: 01/09/2018
End date: 31/12/2021

European Commission


Latest research on the relevance and impact
of arts-based approaches to education show that the application of arts-based
methods in non-artistic educational programmes can positively influence the
learners' experience, learning outcomes, well-being, and the effectiveness of
teaching. The project is about building a laboratory for free and structured
arts-based experimentation, in a co-creative partnership of leading academic
experts who also have practical experiences with/in artistic practices. It aims
at enhancing the quality and relevance of higher education in various fields of
humanities (pedagogy, leaders' development, organisational learning) as well as
to increase the cross-disciplinary application of innovative knowledge in
existing educational programmes. Moreover, the project aims at achieving a
strong systemic impact by applying its activities and tools to existing educational
programmes. The experiences obtained and the original educational prototypes
developed by the project's activities are expected to be disseminated to
relevant stakeholders at all levels, including decision makes at the higher
education institutions, educational research communities, practitioners,
students/learners. The quality and relevance is achieved through the
development and sharing of new practices in arts-based approaches to education,
in collaboration with research environments, involving learners from all the
partner countries. These project activities are supplemented by the partners'
constant application of innovative tools to their existing educational
contexts. Partners will meet, develop and share, then return to their contexts,
apply the new tools and then meet again the the partners in order to assess the
experimentation and find new tools. The project covers also inter- and
transdisciplinary approaches where learners work together across fields to
solve educational problems by means of arts-based tools. The laboratory we want
to build together is not a physical infrastructure but rather a social space
"in between", a fully creative environment, open for knowledge to be
embodied, but also challenges, reframed and rethought.

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