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Start date: 01/04/2018
End date: 31/12/2020

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Green Campus Open South-Carelia project aims to lower the gap between the university
research based business ideas and the company establishment. The idea is to assist the development of the
business idea and to ensure that the potential company has base for profitable
business as soon as possible. To achieve this the start-up company needs
suitable partners and increased knowledge about business practices.

Project has been developing the commercialization process of research-based business ideas in LUT. In the center of this is the development of the sparring process of the “Research to Business” -ideas. Target is to develop ideas so that they are successful in getting financing, and finally, in starting sustainable business. The project is cooperating with all central actors related to business acceleration in the area (Business Finland, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, regional development companies etc.). The activities are linked to Lahti region as well.

Project has implemented different activities to enhance the acceleration process development. These actions support the goals related to the development of the operational model and practices in the Green Campus Open Accelerator. E.g. project has organized business idea development workshops, seminars for spreading the information among students and staff of the university. Project personnel has been active in cooperation with local enterprises as well.

Project has also been developing the communication of the acceleration activities. Web-page has been created and a video about a research-based new company-case was published (lut.fi/gco). Twitter-account has been established and taken into active use.

Project has achieved it's goals well in project timeline, Until the end of year 2019 the project has been enhancing the establishment of 6 new start-up companies, 10 new product development projects, and has got more 31 companies to participate in the different research project of the university.

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