Research project

Digital Product Processes through Physics Based Real-Time Simulation - DigiPro (DigiPro)

Project Details
Start date: 01/08/2017
End date: 31/07/2019



The proposed project will take simulator-driven design and manufacturing methodologies to the next level by developing and evaluating a number of community-based real-time simulator-driven processes. The primary focus of the evaluation efforts will be to improve the effectiveness, customer value, and business potential of each process. By providing fully configurable, real-time, physics-based, game-like virtual prototyping environments, the proposed project will increase visibility and access to information in the areas of research and development, service business, commercialization and customer service for all stakeholders.

Traditionally, product and service development decisions have been made by experts tasked with directly addressing development issues. Their decisions have been based, for the most part, on relevant technical aspects. Currently, however, the focus is moving away from the purely technical aspects and moving towards enhancing the user experience. To address this trend, many manufacturing companies are reconsidering and re-engineering their existing product processes so they can become more competitive.

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