Research project

Leap of Digitalisation for Sawmill Industry (DigiSaw)

Project Details
Start date: 01/01/2018
End date: 31/12/2019



The goal of this project is to develop the sawmill industry significantly via digitalisation. One of the main objectives is to build an information system connecting all the production steps of the mill so that it is possible to track the life cycle of raw material from the beginning to the end product. Raw material and its characteristics become individually traceable (e.g., logs and their parts) in the real-time industrial environment. This makes the use of raw material more efficient. At the same time, resource-efficient processes become more sustainable which benefits conservation of nature, especially in controlling the climate change.

Modern sensor systems, new computational methods, and more robust mathematical models enable developing novel machine vision based measurements for quality control systems. The capabilities of the systems can be extended by using measured information from the sawmill processes and raw material. The obtained quality information can be connected via feedback loops to sorting the logs and optimizing the sawing processes. The developed innovations will be tested in the real industrial environment.

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