Yliopisto-opettaja Sirpa Multaharju

E-mail: Sirpa.Multaharju@lut.fi
Mobile phone: +358 50 368 3328
Uploaded on: 26/02/2021

Current Organisation
Supply Management (SM) (Superior organisation: LUT School of Business and Management)

Research Interest
Stakeholders increasingly expect comprehensively sustainable products and services, which go beyond the minimum requirements of the legislation. The research has shown that the intersection of environmental, social and economic sustainability performance provide the best financial performance in the long-term. Moreover, the research has shown that non-sustainable business practices in supply chains have negative performance effect upon stakeholder value and investor decisions. Nevertheless, only little research has been conducted regarding the sustainability-related risks originating from suppliers’ practices and to understand the competencies and capabilities a company must develop to manage these risks and ensure sustainability in its supply chain. My current research interest is to extend this knowledge by exploring the capabilities that enable a company to efficiently manage sustainability-related risks, and how these capabilities can be continuously maintained in order to achieve sustained competitive advantage. Accordingly, my research interests cover such as sustainable supply chain management, purchasing of services, supplier selection, suppliers’ sustainability management, sustainability-related risk and risk management capability.

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Assessing benefits of information process integration in supply chains (2019)
A4 Conference proceedings
Hallikas Jukka, Korpela Kari, Vilko Jyri, et al.
Procedia Manufacturing
25th International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation: Cyber Physical Manufacturing, ICPR
Supply chain resilience in co-operative business model (2019)
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Multaharju Sirpa, Lintukangas Katrina, Hallikas Jukka, et al.
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Environmental Sustainability in Buyer - 3PL Relationships: A Case Study Analysis (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
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Framework of stakeholder reactions on sustainability risk mitigation practices and sustainability performance in supply chains (2016)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Multaharju Sirpa
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A4 Conference proceedings
Multaharju Sirpa, Lintukangas Katrina, Hallikas Jukka, et al.
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Managing sustainability-related risks in supply chains (2016)
G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
Multaharju Sirpa
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Stakeholder reactions to sustainability risks (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Multaharju Sirpa, Lintukangas Katrina, Kähkönen Anni-Kaisa
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Multaharju Sirpa, Hallikas Jukka
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