Saygin Ayabakan

Current Organisation
LUT School of Energy Systems (Superior organisation: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT)

Research Interest
Numerical simulation of ice accretion phenomenon applied to wind turbine blades. Via this way resulting adverse effects of cold climate and arctic conditions on wind turbines blades and on wind turbine performance can be studied, and performance loss due to these effects can be estimated in a computational environment.

In this study, potential flow assumption is made to approximate the flow field; therefore, some of the main methods utilized are: two-dimensional panel methods, integral boundary layer methods, and Lagrangian particle tracking.

The main aim of this study has been to simulate rime accretion on wind turbine airfoil cross-sections, while utilizing object-oriented programming techniques by using Python as the programming language. Due to the fact that surface roughness is an important parameter for the boundary layer characterization that influences ice accretion process significantly, attention has been given to the surface roughness effects on boundary layers as well.

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