Victoria Tikhonova

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Research Interest
At the time of moving from resource-based economy to knowledge-based economy innovations became an important topic of discussion for various actors of economic environment.
Enterprises are the main source of innovation. But their innovation activity is impossible without firms’ main resource – people. Individual employees and work teams possess different kinds of competences, that are essential in achieving competitive advantage and strategic success for the company.
This paper focuses on the analysis of the role of Human Resource Management instruments in linking competences with innovative outcomes of enterprises, that have to adapt to changes in external business environment?

Magazine Publishing Industry was chosen, as it is experiencing radical change nowadays in terms of transferring to the digital format of presenting the magazine content to customers, and creates an interesting context for the research.
The nature of the research question defines the choice of qualitative research method.
The results of the study will be valuable both for the theoretical field (the research allows to look at HRM issue from a different perspective) and practical field (managers of organisations, employees).

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