Johanna Sandman

Mobile phone: +358442833090

Current Organisation

Research Interest
The aim of the research is to find factors that contribute to the efficient utilization of knowledge. The potential to apply the outcome of the research relate to advancing the activities of innovative networks and related actors, to the development of business and operational models, and to the process of making innovative solutions available in the market. The research considers the role of knowledge intensive business services in the development of welfare and innovational activity.

The research aims to answer the following questions:
1. What is the role of KIBS and how is the role changing?
2. Which factors are important for the future development of technologies and innovational activities?
3. What kind of role entrepreneurship and business networks play in the operations of knowledge intensive business services sector, in the innovational activity, and in the process of bringing new solutions to the market?
4. Which issues act as efficiency promoting factors from the knowledge usage point of view?

The research contemplates technological trends and topics that can be considered meaningful from the perspective of innovational activity in general, including intellectual capital, IPR, networking, business opportunities, economics, automation, globalization, and value chains.

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