John Bairoh

Current Organisation

Research Interest
The study will examine how Small Finnish Renewable Energy Firms (SFREF) are learning while transferring technology in West African countries (WAC). The interest for SFREFs to do business in WACs was triggered by the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED, 1992) goals for global warming and its solutions for developing countries. Technology transfer was a key element in the UNCED agreements ( The current economic downturn in Finland and EU has also prompted companies to look for business elsewhere. Moreover, Finland has expertise in renewable energy and environmental technology. Learning, Internationalization, Globalization and Technology Transfer theories will be used in the study.

There are several methodological approaches available for this study, depending on emphasis of depth vs. width of approach, and type of data used (Yin, 1989). Considering my research questions, a multiple case study is the preferred method. Multiple case studies of firms operating in the same business sector may lead to a theoretical replication (Yin, 1994). My intended audience - besides the scientific community - would be SFREFs; a project undertaken in Finnish renewable energy firms would enable other Finnish firms’ managers and consultants to make comparisons and determine if the outcomes are relevant for them.

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