Professori (tenured) Leonid Chechurin

Mobile phone: +358 50 4419 193
Uploaded on: 21/12/2020

Current Organisation
Systems Engineering (Superior organisation: Common, Industrial Engineering and Management)

Projects as Principal Investigator
EDUFI Fellowship Anton Mandrik (01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020)
Funder: Other Finnish
Innovative Nanowire DEvicE Design (H2020) (01/01/2018 - 31/01/2021)
Funder: European Commission
Cooperative eLearning Platform for Higher Education in Industrial Innovation (15/10/2017 - 14/10/2021)
Funder: European Commission

Projects as Co-Investigator

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Advances in systematic creativity – creating and managing innovations (2018)
C2 Book (editor)
Chechurin Leonid, Collan Mikael
Approach to high quality GaN lateral nanowires and planar cavities fabricated by focused ion beam and metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Pozina Galia, Gubaydullin Azat R., Mitrofanov Maxim I., et al.
Scientific Reports
Heuristic Problems in Automation and Control Design: What Can Be Learnt from TRIZ? (2018)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Chechurin Leonid, Berdonosov Victor, Yakovis Leonid, et al.
Advances in Systematic Creativity
Introduction to cause-effect chain analysis plus with an application in solving manufacturing problems (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Lee Min Gyu, Chechurin Leonid, Lenyashin Vassili
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Levelized Function Cost: Economic Consideration for Design Concept Evaluation (2018)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Kozlova Mariia, Chechurin Leonid, Efimov-Soini Nikolai
Advances in Systematic Creativity – Creating and Managing Innovations
Teaching creativity creatively (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Shnai Iuliia, Chechurin Leonid
28th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE 2017)
The Method of CAD Software and TRIZ Collaboration (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Efimov-Soini Nikolai, Chechurin Leonid
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Communications in Computer and Information Science
TRIZ as innovation management tool: insights from academic literature (2017)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Teplov Roman, Chechurin Leonid, Podmetina Daria
International Journal of Technology Marketing
TRIZ Popularity, Challenges and Strategies to Make It Work in Finland (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Khademi Behrooz, Elfvengren Kalle, Chechurin Leonid
Triz Future Conference 2017 - Bridging Creativity in Science, Entrepreneurship, Industry and Education

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