Erikoistutkija Vesa Riikonen

Mobile phone: +358 40 152 9563

Current Organisation
Nuclear Safety Research Unit (Superior organisation: Laboratory of Energy Technology)

Projects as Project Manager
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Projects as Co-Investigator
Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO (01/10/2020 - 30/09/2024)
Funder: European Commission
PAssive Systems: Simulating the Thermal-hydraulics with ExperimentaL Studies (01/09/2020 - 29/02/2024)
Funder: European Commission

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PASI tests for VTT projects (2020)
Telkkä Joonas, Pyy Lauri, Riikonen Vesa
PWR PACTEL Nitrogen Experiment NCG-30 (2020)
Kouhia Virpi, Riikonen Vesa
General description of the PWR PACTEL test facility – fourth edition (2019)
Kouhia Virpi, Riikonen Vesa, Partanen Harri, et al.
Technical Report, PATE 1/2019
Integral and separate effects tests on thermal-hydraulic problems in reactors (INTEGRA) (2019)
D2 Article in a professional research book (incl. editor’s introduction)
Riikonen Vesa, Kouhia Virpi, Kauppinen Otso-Pekka, et al.
VTT Technology
SAFIR2018 - The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2015-2018, Final Report
PASI - a test facility for research on passive heat removal (2019)
Kouhia Virpi, Riikonen Vesa, Kauppinen Otso-Pekka, et al.
PASI Natural Circulation Test NC-03 (2019)
Telkkä Joonas, Riikonen Vesa
PASI test plans (2019)
Riikonen Vesa, Purhonen Heikki, Kauppinen Otso-Pekka, et al.
Plans for the PWR PACTEL nitrogen effect tests, PATE 4/2019 (2019)
Riikonen Vesa, Kouhia Virpi
Technical Report
System code analysis of accumulator nitrogen discharge during LOCA experiment at PWR PACTEL test facility (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kauppinen Otso-Pekka, Kouhia Virpi, Riikonen Vesa, et al.
Nuclear Engineering and Design

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