Pekka Rintala

Mobile phone: 0400511624

Current Organisation
LUT School of Energy Systems (Superior organisation: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT)

Research Interest
The target is to reveal new information about the interventions that organizations apply when planning to improve their innovation climate and culture. The information will help in linking elements of organizational innovation climate and culture into the Dynamic Capabilities framework and the Resource-based View of the firm, and thereby contribute in enabling a more holistic dashboard for managers.
With the longitudinal work examining the impact of interventions this project builds on the LUT knowledge base by adding in understanding in the processes involved in increasing innovation as well as in understanding the role of climate in facilitating innovation. By shedding light to the dynamics of organizational climate and culture change and innovation outcome this will allow both researchers and organizations to better understand the drivers and levers for increasing innovation.
Research question: Which of the typical interventions used for developing the innovation processes and practices systematically improve the innovation climate at organizations?
Key project elements are systematically repeated innovation climate measurements within a nationally interesting group of organizations, combined with management interviews. Work covers categorization of the identified interventions, and testing the correlations between the interventions and the identified changes in the climate against hypothesis developed during the process.

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