Wenlong Zhao

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Research Interest
The research work is to design remote handling robot for the maintenance of the new fusion reactor divertor using virtual techniques and virtual prototyping. Multibody simulation approach will be used for modeling and simulating of designed robot. We utilize the multibody simulation approach to create a mathematical model of a parallel mechanism. Multibody simulation approach has become a state-of-the–art method when coupled machine systems need to be analyzed. The control strategies can be built in Matlab/simulink and integrated with Multibody simulation model, the control results can also be got from this virtue environment. To achieve optimization of the configuration, a robust optimization algorithm will be developed. This algorithm unitizes Differential Evaluation optimization a population based stochastic optimization technique to find optimized parameters of kinematical structures of robot. And finally a remote handing robot is designed and control strategy is developed.

Concept design of the CFETR divertor remote handling system (2015)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Zhao Wenlong, Song Yuntao, Wu Huapeng, et al.
Fusion Engineering and Design

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